Pallet Handling Systems

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Painted Steel Pallet Handling Conveyor – Overview


Key Features Benefits
Modular design. Proven product, highly configurable, easy and reduced installation with low maintenance.
Allows for a variety of arrangements to be made from standard components.
Up to 4500kg able to be conveyed with only one drive. Economical.
Robust construction with formed steel frame profiles.

Closed channel design on both the roller and chain conveyors

Strong and long lasting.
Ability to fit facia or photo-cells anywhere along frame via clamp brackets.
Tangentially driven rollers. Smooth and gentle transportation – minimum backlash, low maintenance.
Twin and triple strand chain conveyor beds. Cost effectiveness for the weight being conveyed.
Transfer uses only triple strand chains. Maximum resilience and reliability.
Chain tension accessed and adjusted quickly without the need for removing any guards. Time-saving and easier maintenance.

Technical Information

Load Roller Pitch Roller Diameter Standard Track widths Standard Speeds
800W x 1200L Europallet 200mm 80mm  952mm 18-Dec
Max weight 1000kg per pallet
1000W x 1200L Chep Pallet 150mm 80mm 1152mm 18-Dec
Max weight 1500kg

Pallet Conveyors Range


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