Pallet Handling Conveyor – Motorised Roller Straights

Pallet Handling Conveyor – Motorised Roller Straights


Comprises a number of powered rollers and adjacent gravity rollers.
Motorised rollers are used to drive the load along the length of the conveyor and are mounted in flexible brackets such that they are higher than the gravity conveyor rollers.
The item being conveyed is constantly in contact with the drives.
The pallet forces the motorised rollers down to the same level as the adjacent non powered rollers, ensuring the weight of the pallet is evenly distributed during transport.
Load capacity of 600kg per pallet – optional 1000kg available on request.
150mm roller pitch (125mm available on request).
No geared motors, chains and sprockets.
Compact and space saving design, can be installed directly on the floor.
Lengths available – 600mm to 3000mm in 150mm increments.
Standard widths available: 850mm ITW (800mm wide pallet), 1050mm ITW (1000mm wide pallet).
Range of heights available from 150mm – 1150mm top of roller height.
0.085 kW per motorised roller, 2 off per pallet position.
Pallet size – 800 / 1000mm leading edge x 1200mm long on rollers.
Conveyor speeds of 13 and 16 metres per minute – both can be used with an inverter.

Technical Information

Motor Power (kW) Full Load Current (A)
0.085 0.32


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