Flat belt conveyor GES-25

Flat belt conveyor GES-25

The stainless steel flat belt conveyor GES 25 provides a very hygienic solution for all applications in very confined spaces. With its frame height of only 25 mm and an extremely small deflecting roller diameter of only 30 mm, it is particularly suitable for the transportation of small items. Any length between 500 and 6,000 mm can be produced, simplifying its integration into existing production processes.

The GES-25 can also be produced within 24 hours.

Because the GES-25 complies with highest hygienic standards, it is mainly used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

As on all GEPPERT-Band stainless steel conveyors, the moving parts of the adjustment mechanism for both driving and deflecting roller are hidden within the conveyor frame, climinating the accumulation of dirt. On top of that the deflecting roller can come in a version that can be flipped up with a flick of the wrist. This allows very easy cleaning under the belt.

On the photo above the GES-25 is equipped with two double uprights made of stainless steel. These are infinitely adjustable in height and are equipped with a vertical locking system. They can also be pivoted to an angle of up to 30° of inclination. Longer conveyors would require additional uprights.

Technical Specifications and Accessories:

Belt widths:
50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 and 400 mm.

Distance between axes / length:
500 to 6,000 mm. All intermediate lengths are possible.

Drive with constant belt speed:
v = approx. 4,0 / 7,3 / 11,0 / 14,7 / 22,0 or 31,4 m/min.
Other belt speeds upon request. Connection for 220/240 – 380/415 V, 50 Hz. Protection type IP 65. This drive can be supplied ready for connection with a motor protection switch with an emergency switch, and with a 2 meter supply cable and CEE plug. Protection type IP 65.

Drive with infinitely adjustable belt speed:
v = approx. 1,6-5,6 / 2,9-10,3 / 4,4-15,4 / 5,9-20,5 / 8,8-30,8 or 12,6-44,0 m/min.
Other belt speeds upon request. The drive is supplied together with a digital frequency regulator that is ready to be plugged to 240 V 50 Hz and has a protection type of IP 65. The frequency controller incorporates a digital motor protection switch.

Geared motor position:
The geared motor is positioned pulling at the side of the belt, left or right, and can be turned around its flange in steps of 90°.

Total belt load:
up to 20 kg possible. Higher belt loads can be handled on request.


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