Flat belt conveyor GES-25-RMK

Flat belt conveyor GES-25-RMK

The stainless steel knife edge conveyor GES-25-RMK is the perfect solution for the transport of very small objects in food applications. Due to the extremely small diameter of its deflecting roller of only 8mm, it can hand over even the tiniest parts. So they can travel from one conveyor to the other without any change to their orientation on the belt.

The GES-25-RMK, like all other stainless steel conveyors from GEPPERT, is perfectly suited for the use in food industry or in pharmaceutical and chemical applications. The very high demands for cleanliness and hygiene in these areas are fully met.

The patented hygiene technology CleanTec, where all moving parts and open threads on the mechanics of the adjustment for the driving roller and the deflecting edge are sealed inside the conveyor, ensures that almost no contamination can accumulate on these parts and therefore makes the conveyor very easy to clean. And what is even better, the GES-25-RMK has an average lead time of only 4-6 days for production.

On the photo above the GES-25-RMK is equipped with a single column H-haped support in stainless steel. This support can also have security rollers with breaks under it. Any longer version should have two-legged supports like shown with the GES-25.

Technical Specifications and Accessories:

Belt widths:
50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 and 400 mm.

Distance between axes / length:
500 to 6,000 mm. All intermediate lengths are possible.

Drive with constant belt speed:
v = approx. 4,0 / 7,3 / 11,0 / 14,7 / 22,0 or 31,4 m/min.
Other belt speeds upon request. Connection for 220/240 – 380/415 V, 50 Hz. Protection type IP 65. This drive can be supplied ready for connection with a motor protection switch with an emergency switch, and with a 2 meter supply cable and CEE plug. Protection type IP 65.

Drive with infinitely adjustable belt speed:
v = approx. 1,6-5,6 / 2,9-10,3 / 4,4-15,4 / 5,9-20,5 / 8,8-30,8 or 12,6-44,0 m/min.
Other belt speeds upon request. The drive is supplied together with a digital frequency regulator that is ready to be plugged to 240 V 50 Hz and has a protection type of IP 65. The frequency controller incorporates a digital motor protection switch.

Geared motor position:
The geared motor is positioned pulling at the side of the belt, left or right, and can be turned around its flange in steps of 90°.

Total belt load:
up to 20 kg possible. Higher belt loads can be handled on request.



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