Loads up to 750 lbs
Belt speeds up to 260 ft/min maximum
Belt widths: 4″ to 36″
Total lengths: 3′ up to 83′
Wearstrip material is UHMW
One revolution of the drive pulley moves the belt approximately 12″
TIG welded 304 stainless steel frame
Hard chrome coated bearing with FDA H1 food grade grease
FDA approved belting and plastic components
CE models available

Features & Benefits

​Frame is constructed of TIG welded 304 stainless steel and features open design with minimal horizontal surfaces
Solid UHMW wear strips located in welded cross members for durable belt support
Mount controls and accessories fast with not drilling required includes adjustable guiding, photo eyes, low voltage wires, controls and air tubing
Flexible guiding packages for a variety of applications including fully adjustable single and twin rail, and high side
The nose bar drive and idler tails (optional) has 1″ diameter pulley available for small product transfers
The Powered Transfer (optional) has 1/2″ diameter pulleys for maintaining speed though transfer
Roller Transfer Plate (optional) for smooth product transfer in minimal length
Conveyor is suitable for wipe-down and occasional pressurized liquid spray cleaning up to 100 psi max

Conveyor Belts with Maximum Flexibility

Straight, Curve and Z-Frame Modules
3 Product Transfers to Choose From
No Drilling Required for Ease of Automation or Guiding
Attach controls, photo eyes, low voltage wire, & air tubing
Attach accessory bar for mounting several automation components
Attach any of standard guide packages to tailor fit conveyor

Conveyors that Increase Throughput

Speeds up to 260 feet per minute
Available in Straights, Curves, and Z-Frames
1” Nose Bar Tails
Powered Transfer

Conveyor Belts that Reduce Product Loss

1” Nose Bar Tails for small part transfer
Powered Transfer for maintaining speeds through transfer
Roller transfer plate for smooth product transfer in minimal added length


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